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National, Division, Region, Patrol? How will I ever keep it all straight?

The National Ski Patrol

The National Ski Patrol is made up of 10 geographic divisions and one professional division.  We are  located in the “Central Division”. Members include ski and bike patrollers, mountain and bike hosts, alumni, associates, and physician partners.

The National Ski Patrol operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, deriving its primary financial support from membership dues, donations, user fees, and corporate sponsorship’s. To learn more about the organization, you can read the most recent Annual Report.

The national office is located in Lakewood, Colorado, and is staffed with full-time employees that handle administrative duties.

You can click here or click the National Ski Patrol Logo to the Right to be taken to the National Ski Patrol Website.

The National Ski Patrol - Central Division

The Central Division of the National Ski Patrol is make up of 8 Regions. Our Patrol is located in the North Central Region of the Central Division. I know, Confusing…….

Maybe this will help. The National office is the governing body for overall guidance of the National Programs. The Central Division Leadership is made up of the following; 

The National Board of Directors (National Office) creates and manages the “high level” Policies and Procedures for the Organization. (see map above). The Central Division Leadership, under the guidance of the National office creates and manages our Central Division Manuals and Policies and procedures. (see maps below). These documents can be found in various locations throughout the Central Division Website. The Guiding Documents from our Division are our main source of direction regarding programs within our Division. The documents for each of our programs can be found under the specific program menu on the Central Division Website.

Each Division may have specific needs e.g. Terrain, Hill Management, Location of Resorts, etc. The Division’s have the freedom to create their own Guiding Documents as they deem necessary, within the limitations of the National Ski Patrol Policies and procedures.

You can click here or click the Central Division Logo to the Right to be taken to the National Ski Patrol – Central Division Website

The National Ski Patrol - Central Division - North Central Region

The North Central Region of the Central Division of the National Ski Patrol is make up of many individual Patrols. I know, Still Confusing…….

Maybe this will help.;

The National office is the governing body for overall guidance of the National Ski Patrol Programs.

The Central Division creates Guiding Documents for the Division made up of 8 Regions.

The Region supports the Patrol Directors and Patrol Representatives from each of the Resorts in our Region. The Region Program Advisors go to the people and support program events. 


You as an individual Patroller need to know who your Patrol Representative is. Our Patrol Representative at Granite Peak is and elected position and is a two year term. Our Patrol Representative is elected every two years by nomination and a vote of the Granite Peak Ski Patrol Membership. 

Once elected, the new Patrol Representative serves two years as an Assistant Patrol Representative, mentoring under the current Patrol Representative. After the two year Assistant Role, they then become the Patrol Representative and begin mentoring their replacement.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to your Slope Leader if you have been assigned to a shift.
Individual Shift rosters are under the member pages and have the Slope Leader for each shift listed.

If you have not been assigned to a shift you can contact your Representatives listed below.

Your Current Patrol Representative is;

Chuck “Ozzy” Jonas

(715) 571-7540

Your Current Assistant Patrol Representative is;

Christy Parks