Senior Program Training

The Senior program is a national education program providing an opportunity for the participants to enhance their patrolling skills in a nonthreatening and supportive environment. Our goal at Granite Peak is to each year offer opportunities for personal continuous improvement. The National Ski Patrol has provided us programs with specific guidelines to help facilitate that process. The Senior program is open to any patroller that has completed their initial Patroller training.

Below you will find all of the information you need to traverse the Senior program. Read through the 3 page excerpt of the NSP Policies and Procedures to learn more about the requirements. To complete the Senior Program, you will need three elective training courses outlined in the P&P’s. You will join us at the hill for Ski Enhancement Training, Toboggan Enhancement Training, and OEC for the Senior Program.

Mid way through the season, the Region holds a “qualification” clinic. This two day clinic is an opportunity for Region Senior staff to review your skillset and offer recommendations for improvement prior to the Evaluation. If the Region Senior Staff feels you will not be ready for the evaluation, they have the option to require you wait a year and continue your training before taking the evaluation. We conduct our training at Granite Peak to ensure you will be ready for the exam in the year you train.

The Applications below will be completed after you have completed your three electives. We will include opportunity throughout the year to complete your electives so they can be added to your application prior to sending it to the National office. Applications will be discussed as the year progresses.

The link below is an excerpt from the National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures. It covers the information specific to the Senior program. This also includes a list of electives that can be used for the three requirements.

NSP Policies and Procedures Senior Program Appendix

The link below will take you to the National Ski Patrol, Central Division Senior Manual. This manual is the document we use at Granite Peak as our guide for our Senior Program. The manual includes a lot of information and is all inclusive. There are sections relevant to Candidates as well as information for becoming Senior program instructors, etc. Please use this as a reference document.

There is a checklist in the beginning of the document. Please use the checklist to navigate your program. In the beginning of the document, it asks the candidates to read through the entire Senior Manual. Senior Candidates are not required to read the document from cover to cover.

Central Division Senior Program Manual

The link below will take you to the National Ski Patrol Senior Application. Each new participant will need to complete this application. The application will include an area for documenting your three completed electives. This application will be completed after you complete your electives. This will be discussed throughout the training year.

Senior Program Application

2021 Training Schedule

2021 has proven to be a challenging year. Covid-19 has completely flipped our world upside down. We have had to adjust our programs to ensure the safety of our Patrollers, Patrollers families and the public. I appreciate everyone interested in continuing their training and working to improve your skillset. With that being said, Granite Peak Ski Patrol has published a Covid-19 guideline document. Please review this document prior to attending any training at Granite Peak.

For the 2021 season, we will focus mainly on Ski and Toboggan skills while respecting social distancing and proper mask usage. We will discuss the OEC program in detail but will not conduct any hands on training until the pandemic is under control. This will extend your training through next season with the test conducted in 2022. This will give us time for some great training.

There will be no testing conducted in the Region for the 2021 spring season.

The 5 Fundamentals;

  1. Control the relationship of the center of mass to the base of support to direct pressure along the length of the skis/board. (Skiers and Boarders need to stand over the center of their feet.)
  2. Control pressure from ski to ski (edge to edge) and direct pressure toward the outside ski/edge. (Skiers and Boarders need to be able to distribute their weight over the outside ski/edge and then over the new outside ski/edge as they make a turn.)
  3. Control edge angles through a combination of inclination and angulation. (Skiers and Boarders should use inclination and angulation to control edge angle.)
  4. Control the skis/board rotation (turning, pivoting, steering) with leg rotation, separate from the upper body. (They need to turn their feet and legs more than they turn their upper body.)
  5. Regulate the magnitude of pressure created through ski/board snow interaction. (Skiers and Boarders need to have the ability to regulate pressure along the length of the ski/board.)

Please register for the following two courses. If you are only in need of Toboggan or Ski/Board, only register for the course you need to test out of next year.

Course Registration Page

C107210001 – Snowsports Enhancement Seminar / Jan 9th through April 3rd.

C107210002 – Toboggan Enhancement Seminar / Jan 9th through April 3rd

We will follow the schedule below for this season;

Saturday January 9nd, 12:00 – 4:00 Ski Day
Syllabus; Free skiing/warmup, Senior program ski/snowboard standards, discus goals for the season, skiing terminology, The 5 fundamentals of skiing, available resources.
Reference Media; (Snowboard) (Snowboard)

Saturday January 16th, 12:00 – 4:00 Toboggan Day
Syllabus; Senior toboggan standards, demo’s and toboggan ski/snowboard skills,
Reference Media;
On the page link below, review OET Manual, Senior toboggan handling outline and all video’s at the bottom of the page.

Senior Skiing Standards – Video’s

Senior Open Parallel
Senior Open Parallel
Senior Open Parallel
Senior Open Parallel
Senior Pivot Slips
Senior Pivot Slips
Senior Railroad Tracks
Senior Level Moguls

Senior Snowboard Standards – Video’s

Snowboard Skidded
Snowboard Carved

Snowboard Pivot Slips
Snowboard Moguls

Certified Skiing Standards – Video’s (for Senior Program reference only)

Certified Open Parallel
Certified Open Parallel
Certified Open Parallel

Certified Rails
PSIA Level III Medium Radius / Certified