GPSP Bylaw Change

The Granite Peak Ski Patrol Bylaws are our operating manual. Our Bylaws are the main governing document for our nonprofit organization. They are the main official document of our organization. The board created our bylaws when the Granite Peak Ski Patrol was established.

The Granite Peak Ski Patrol Board of Directors have been discussing proposed changes to the GPSP By-Laws. The proposed changes are listed below with points for change.

Any time there is a proposed change to the Bylaws, it must be presented to the Membership for a vote. The Board of Directors has voted in favor of bringing these changes to the Patrol for your vote. This is your opportunity to approve or dis-approve the proposed changes. The voting buttons are located at the bottom of this page. Voting will be open until 10/11/2020 4:00 pm. Your vote will be registered under your login and you will only be able to cast one vote. Results will be published on 10/11/2020.

A forum has been set up on the GPSP website which can be accessed through the GPSP Members menu option or by clicking the following link The forum is available for questions and answers regarding the proposed changes.

The proposed changes are as follows:

  • The Board currently consists solely of past Patrol Representatives and their term continues until they resign from the Patrol. In this new model the Board would consist of 6 members.  A total of 3 PR’s (APR, current PR and recent past PR) and 3 members elected from the patrol at large.
    • As a new PR is elected, a past PR drops off the Board. This will provide plenty of history for the current PR on which to draw. Previous PR’s can be called upon on an ad hoc basis if need arises.
    • 3 members of the Patrol at large will be elected for 3 year terms each. Starting next year, 1 new member voted in each year.
  • The Board will now be able to appoint the PR to act as Treasurer. The Audit committee stands as oversight.
  • Eliminate the GPSP Patrol Review Board, Section 3.
  • Adding an electronic method option in which the Patrol may vote. There are currently only two methods for voting members of the Patrol – In person and mailed in. This change allows our Patrol to keep up with options available.
  • Cleaned up the language regarding payment of dues – we no longer pay National dues to the PR, we submit that directly to National and pay PR our own local dues.

Key arguments for change:

  • Our hill is growing and changing quickly so too are the responsibilities of the GPSP. The way we do our work and govern ourselves must evolve to meet these growing challenges.
  • There is a great untapped talent on our Patrol!  We are a group of highly-devoted, skilled volunteers.  By opening up the Board to patrollers-at-large, we provide an avenue for additional talent to surface.
  • A diverse board will provide the PR a high-functioning, diverse, evolving oversight committee. 
  • Provide an avenue for all to participate in leadership opportunities. In this model we not only elect a PR every 2 years, but each year elect a new Board member who will serve a 3 year term.
  • Which brings me to the fact that these changes allow for an attrition rate.  A natural flow of authority, guidance and ideas.
  • A Board of a diverse, somewhat organic structure allows for a free flow of ideas. 

In summary, these important Board changes will

  • Provide an acceptable attrition rate.  
  • Provide a platform for more talent to surface and engage.
  • Create an environment which will eventually become highly-sought after elected positions.  
  • Create an environment which fosters growth, improvement, and desire to serve.

The other By-Law changes will

  • Create an easier transition to money handling for new PR’s. Thus avoiding the need to ask Treasurer to provide checks, etc. The Audit committee will cause the books each year and hold the position accountable.
  • The need for this Review Board has waned in the past few years. The PR looks to the hill management for assistance if needed. The Division can also be called in and has Policies and Procedures and, if needed, creates an investigation committee from the Region to review any personnel issues. This alleviates the need for our own Review Board and allows for a more impartial review.
  • As we have seen during this pandemic, we are not permitted to be in large groups of people. By providing an additional, proven method of voting provides another option for future leaders.

Thank you all for your consideration of these proposed, needed changes to our By-Laws! Please use the forum to express thoughts and concerns.

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