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Daren Lukes

Keep in mind, this forum should be used to argue for or against approving the bylaws as written. The Board has completed the proposed changes and is presenting to the membership for a vote to approve or a vote to not approve. If you are not in agreement with the language as it has been presented, the only option is to vote to not approve the proposed changes. If you are in agreement with the language, you can vote to approve.

If the proposed change does not pass, it is back to the drawing board. If it passes, it does not mean we can’t review them again next year and make additional changes if necessary.

I am in favor of the proposed changes as it diversifies the Board and gives opportunity to Patrollers that do not necessarily have the time to commit to 4 years for an assistant and PR term. There are many good people on our Patrol and this bylaws change gives them equal opportunity to be a part of the Board. It will also give people opportunity to be a part of the Board and get experience that will make them better leaders in our organization.